Social Media In The Workplace


Last month we hosted our annual Starford Summer Summit to discuss the complicated topics around Social Media in the Workplace.

The world of social media is evolving rapidly and it's clear that many companies fear a decrease in productivity or a rise inappropriate behaviour if they let employees use social media on the job. Unfortunately, even if businesses try to ban the use of social media in the workplace, it is likely that employees will use it regardless, so employers need to focus on implementing a concise and fair social media usage policy.

Starford’s Guide To Social Media Policies

Consider the following:

  1. What does your company tolerate in terms of social media use and how is this monitored?
  1. Tell your employees what is acceptable use.   You may want to encourage social media use with clients and contacts but you need to ensure that this doesn’t put your company at risk.
  1. Social media changes constantly – make sure that your company is aware of what impact any changes might have on its workforce and particularly whether any business contacts are likely to be at risk if the employee leaves the company.  If the employee has control of the contacts via a LinkedIn account or similar, make sure that the company has a signed agreement in place with the employee to clarify a) that the company has ownership of any business contacts created during the course of employment; and b) the practicalities of transferring those business contacts to the company when the employee moves on.

For further guidance on social media policies for your company, please contact the Starford team on 01342 347063 or email