New Acas Guide On Religion & Belief Discrimination


Acas has launched new Guidance on Religion and Belief to help employers reduce the chance of religion or belief discrimination happening in the workplace, understand how it might still occur and how it should be dealt with if it does happen. 

The guide provides an explanation of the law and practical advice on a variety of issues including:

  • taking holidays and breaks from work for religious reasons
  • talking about religion at work
  • dress codes and appearance
  • food and fasting
  • washing and changing rooms

While employers and employees can be liable for their own acts of discrimination, employers can also be liable for their employees’ acts. This guide encourages employers to make sure their workplaces are ‘inclusive’. For example, so employees feel:

  • they belong
  • are not disadvantaged or under-valued because they hold a certain religious faith or philosophical belief, and
  • their beliefs and/or religious observances are respected

For legal assistance relating to Religion & Belief Discrimination, or to discuss a bespoke equality and diversity training course for your company, please contact the Starford team on 01342 347063 or email