Closing The Gender Pay Gap In Your Organisation

gender pay gap.png

With the deadline having now passed for those organisations with over 250 employees to have filed their Gender Pay Gap reports, the results show that almost 80% of employers pay men more than women, with a national median of 18.4%. This is taken from the 10,000 organisations which filed their results, with the construction, finance and education sectors shown to have the worst pay gaps overall.

But what does this mean for employers? What steps should we now all be taking to address this issue and proactively tackle gender pay gaps (and other inequality of opportunity) within the workplace?


  • The key point is for employers (whether you were legally required to file a GPG report or not) to be seen to be taking action in this area
  • A good starting point is a staff training programme which is wider and more forward thinking than traditional Equality & Diversity training. Here at Starford we can provide you with a comprehensive training package including E&D training, but also looking at other areas such as tackling unconscious bias and more inclusive recruitment strategies
  • Helping you to introduce effective mentoring systems, both internally and externally
  • Leadership mentoring and coaching
  • Helping you to identify and access appropriate initiatives and schemes relevant to your industry and workforce
  • Working with you to make your organisation an Employer of Choice
  • Working towards various accreditations including Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For along with other initiatives to ensure you attract and retain the best talent

If you would like to discuss the initiatives that could work in your organisation to address the GPG give one of the Starford team a call on 01342 347063 or email