Acas Publishes World Cup Guidance

world cup.jpg

Acas has published guidance for employers on how to manage potentially difficult situations throughout the course of the World Cup, which takes place between 14 June -15 July 2018. While this advice is all common sense, it may be worth employers familiarising themselves with certain issues again, including:

  • Time off. Acas suggests employers offer flexible working options around this period and should acknowledge that in some cases it may be difficult for employees to book time off in advance. Acas also suggests employers allow staff to take their lunch breaks during match times.
  • Social media. Acas suggests employers remind their employees of their social media policies as there will be a spike in social media use throughout the World Cup.

Commenting on the latest guidance, Acas Chair, Sir Brendan Barber urged staff to "avoid getting a red card for unreasonable demands or behaviour in the workplace" this summer. He encouraged employers to have the appropriate policies in place "before kick off" to avoid "unnecessary penalties or unplanned send offs."

Source: Acas: Brendan Barber urges employers to have a good team line up before World Cup kick off (3 June 2018).

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