Starford Winter Summit: Review of the Year

Thursday 6th December 2018 

Starford Winter Summit Invite.JPG

I just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ for inviting me to your Making Life Work Conference. The speakers you selected were hugely engaging and inspirational. Congratulations on what you have achieved too. Starford really is a breath of fresh air in comparison to others and your support over the last year or two has been invaluable.
— Justine Cobb - Crunch
Very interesting topics and well presented – makes you think about your employees and practices. Thank you
— Cal John – Kew (Electrical Distributors) Limited
Very good seminar. Very informative. Would like to go to one of these again as the trainers were interactive and you wanted to listen
— Aude Manouan - Downslink YMCA
Really enjoyed the session. Good to discuss cases in news and strategic input of HR would be beneficial for future discussions.
— Helen Monk – E-Crunch Limited
Thank you, another excellent session. Most informative and inclusive.
— Carolyn Lewis - Brighton Business School